As the axiom goes, “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.” One rising politico, however, was less interested in finding bedfellows and more interested in finding meaning in the dating world of rough and tumble Washington politics. What she discovered, laid out in a humorous tale of love and punditry, is that politics also makes for strange soul searching. In Finding Mr. Righteous (Post Hill Press, February 2014), author Lisa De Pasquale navigates the twists and turns of dating, career and spirituality. Her tale comes as a refreshing reprise from the stories of the many young women who use dating in the nation’s capital to advance their careers. Ms. De Pasquale was looking to advance her religious understanding.

A Christian-in-name-only, De Pasquale, despite her honest assessment of her own insecurities, approaches dating with a free spirit, choosing men from across the spiritual spectrum to aid in her quest. An Atheist. A Catholic. A Quaker. A Preacher. A Jew. Some gave her the answers she yearned for, while others left her with more questions. Her honest and humorous reflections on trying to find love and God serves as a roadmap for other women, regardless of age. Her story is filled with shortcuts, dead ends and warning signs on the path to a stronger faith and a stronger self.

"Lisa De Pasquale is one of the best conservative writers out there, but this book isn’t about politics. It’s a fascinating and extremely personal account of her dating life, her massive insecurities, and her mostly ineffective search for God,” said New York Times Bestselling Author and Columnist Ann Coulter.

As Lisa’s star continues to rise in the political movement, she offers an engaging look at her quest to find her Mr. Righteous, a journey that led her down a path of religious confusion and spiritual discovery. She navigates the waters with humor and humility, and it’s a joy to accompany her as she grapples with some important questions in a city most think populated exclusively by cynics. Will she find her soul mate or save her soul? And is having both asking too much?

Finding Mr. Righteous

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